1) Did you buy your tickets yet?

That’s how you sign up! For each person coming in your group, you include $20 in your e-transfer to stefan.riches@gmail.com and he’ll reply to confirm.
When you send the e-transfer, there’s an option to leave a message. That’s where you can indicate the full name of each person coming in your group so that he knows to whom to allocate the e-transfer. (You don’t like e-transfer? Just email stefan.riches@gmail.com and he’ll work out something that feels right for you). Please note that all of the proceeds will go the artist. It’s just a tradition that the host collects on the artist’s behalf.


2) Where is the house concert?

667 Chadburn Ave. Ottawa, ON, K1G 0Y6

We’re so close to the Trainywards. Just 2 blocks south of the Farm Boy on Industrial. And we’re in between St. Laurent and Alta Vista drive. You can park anywhere in the neighbourhood.

We’re going to remove a bunch of furniture from our living & dining area so that we can line up your chairs into tidy rows in a way that everyone can see Joel perform. This means that space is limited!

3) Have childcare?

It’s not quite the right vibe for kids and their volume. So you need to either find childcare, or else contact me because our amazing neighbour/friend Jaime lives 2 doors down from us and has offered up her house with her teenagers to babysit your kids!


4) Do you have folding chairs?

For each person in your group, you’ll want to bring a chair—like a simple kitchen chair or stool or a dining room chair, or a folding chair. (Huge camping chairs might not fit…but let me know if that’s all you own. Maybe I can hook you up with someone who has extra chairs to lend you).

5) BYOB plus some nibbles to share

Bring your fave drinks. And if you’re able, it’s nice to bring a few nibbles to share. It makes intermission more fun! We’re going to make punch and nibbles anyway. So if you forget to bring your own, then no stress!


Concerns & Questions?

Leave us a note. Or return to the previous page here:

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No problem. Just send a regular email to Stef at stefan.riches@gmail.com and he will work out another option that feels right. Does work for you?