There’s another way to bond:


Yoga for Dudes pop-up class.

Whether you’re a hockey player, photographer, geek sheik, beanie-wearing hipster, or new-to-the-neighbourhood dad, you belong with the Riverview Bros.

Want a therapeutic stretch, but you’re hesitant to try yoga? Or maybe you need some de-stressing techniques, but you don’t want to do any “weird” stuff depicted in media? Ready to chill and chuckle at a social event with other bros in the neighbourhood, but you want something other than poker night? Maybe you already like yoga, but you just never find the time? This one-time pop-up class will be refreshing, feel-good, accessible for tight bodies, and all-levels, which means that I’ll cue the movements in a way that even brand new beginners can follow comfortably, but I’ll also give a couple of different options in each pose, so that more experienced yogis can opt to deepen the practise.

Invest in yourself:

Investment:  Usually, a one-time drop-in class is $22, but I want to make these classes more accessible to you guys (my community), so I’m make an exception for you: a 1 pop-up class = $15.
Time: 8:00-9:00 am. All bros belong here.
Location: In Riverview Park, near Botsford & Coronation.
To Register:  Click on this button, below.

Get to know each other’s parkas:


…so you can wave to each other at Balena Park.

Try this one-time, feel-good, pop-up class for dudes, then you’ll get to meet the other bros in this neighbourhood. Have some laughs, release tension, increase your lung capacity, stretch out tight muscles, which will help you be able to get down on the ground more easily to play with your kids. Bonus.

Yoga mats & props:

I have lots of extra mats & props for you to borrow. Yoga props (blocks, foamies, blankets, straps, etc) are tools to help yoga suit your body, instead of forcing your body to fit yoga. For example, we sit on top of foamies to ease tension in your hips/back, and we place our hands on blocks to relieve tight hamstrings, and we use a strap in some poses to protect our shoulders. Most students like a blanket for savasana (the final relaxation pose) to get warm and cozy. I’ve got you covered!

Why choose yoga?

While most forms of fitness focus on strengthening the parts of your body that are visible from the outside (your muscles), this extensive and intelligent system of yoga is different because it focuses on pairing your breath with particular movements in order to massage and tone your most vital, essential systems that actually keep you alive (circulatory, lymphatic, immune, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, excretal, muscular, skeletal, mental).

That's why we feel so refreshed, calm, and whole after yoga. Both the movements and the meditation techniques produce a steadying effect on our mental health. Plus, as a bonus side-effect, we also benefit from the whole-body workout, too!

I so look forward to sharing vibrant, safe, informative yoga classes with you to ease your tension, move your digestion along, flush out your lymphatic system, and strengthen your whole core. You’re in the right place!


About these classes:


About these classes:

Above all else, I want your experience to be welcoming, safe, beneficial, and educational. All bros belong here. I provide options so that each body in the room can participate with comfort. So bring your furrowed brow, bring your tight hamstrings, bring your man tire. You belong with me!

Class components:

  • An educational element (either anatomical or philosophical).

  • A safe warm-up for your connective tissues.

  • A sequence of asanas (yoga postures) to strengthen and stretch your whole body—both inside and out. This is the largest component of each class.

  • A meditation technique.

  • A breathing technique.

  • Savasana (our final resting pose). This is when your body absorbs all the healing benefits of your practise and integrates what you've learned. You lie down on your mat for a few minutes with a blanket, close your eyes, and completely & utterly relax. I usually come around with some soothing essential oils and give each student a mini neck or head massage. It’s divine. Sometimes you’ll fall asleep :)

Invite someone:

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Or forward them my email with the link embedded. I would love to meet them.