Invest in yourself:

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Hello spectacular people:

Welcome to my Friday and Saturday public classes at reYoga—a clean, calm, beautiful studio space at 209 Hannah Street in Vanier. All bodies belong here. So bring your furrowed brow, bring your hunched shoulders, bring your wobbly core. You belong with me!

Why choose yoga?

While most forms of fitness focus on strengthening the parts of your body that are visible from the outside (your muscles), this extensive and intelligent system of yoga is different because it focuses on pairing your breath with particular movements in order to massage and tone your most vital, essential systems that actually keep you alive (circulatory, lymphatic, immune, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, excretal, muscular, skeletal, mental).

That's why we feel so refreshed, calm, and whole after yoga. Both the movements and the meditation techniques produce a steadying effect on our mental health. Plus, as a bonus side-effect, we also benefit from the whole-body workout!

I so look forward to sharing vibrant, safe, informative yoga classes with you to ease your tension, move your digestion along, flush out your lymphatic system, and strengthen your whole core. You’re in the right place!


Try a pop-up class first to see how it feels in your body. Then decide whether it’s the right fit:


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Love Fridays:

Fridays: 8:45-10:00 am
  5-class session = $90 ($18 per class)
Address:  reYoga (209 Hannah St in Vanier) with free parking.
1) Fri Feb 8
2) Fri Feb 15
3) Fri Feb 22
4) Fri Mar 1
5) Fri Mar 8
To Register:  Click on this button below.

Love Saturdays:

Saturdays: 9:00-10:15 am
Investment: 5-class session = $90 ($18 per class)
Address: reYoga (209 Hannah St in Vanier) with free parking.
1) Sat Feb 9
2) Sat Feb 16
3) Sat Feb 23
4) Sat Mar 2
5) Sat Mar 9
To Register: Click on this button below.

What if I miss classes?

This is normal and inevitable. Partial registrations aren't possible, but I really want to make these sessions accessible to busy people who travel a lot!  So I have two solutions:

a) You can do a make-up class on the other day. So if you signed up for Fridays, but you know that you’ll miss a couple of Fridays, then please feel free to attend the Saturday classes as make-up classes (and vice versa).

b) You can bring a friend/neighbour to join us and use up the class(es) that you will miss. For example, if you knew that you would definitely miss the last class of the session, then you can bring a friend/neighbour/relative with you to any of the five classes. They could attend alongside you during one of the first 4 classes, or they could attend the 5th class when you're actually away. It depends on your friend's availability. And you can decide whether to gift that missed class to your friend, or whether to have your friend reimburse you for the class that they are taking. That way, your missed class gets enjoyed by someone. 

About these classes:

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About these classes:

Above all else, I want your experience to be welcoming, safe, beneficial, and educational. All bodies belong here. I provide options so that each body in the room can participate with comfort. So bring your furrowed brow, bring your hunched shoulders, bring your wobbly core. You belong with me!


Each class will usually include the following:

  • An educational component (either anatomical or philosophical).

  • A meditation technique.

  • A breathing technique.

  • A safe warm-up for your connective tissues.

  • A sequence of asanas (yoga postures) to strengthen and stretch your whole body. This is the largest component of each class.

  • Savasana (our final resting pose). This is when your body absorbs all the healing benefits of your practise and integrates everything that you've learned.

Invite someone:

If you think you have a friend who might also like to register for this session, please do!
You can send this link with them.
Or forward them my email:
Or my cell: 647-922-9642

Will there be another session?

Probably!  If we have enough people and have a location, we'll run the next session in the spring.