Joel Fafard: Sun Mar 10, 3:30-5:30 pm

That’s a photo of Joel. He’s our friend. He’s also an award-winning slide-fingerstyle guitarist and storyteller. He’s got a sexy, sandpapered-sounding vocal style, and he plays Southern roots and blues—but new-generation blues. Between songs, he tells hilarious stories about his three boys and their travels. Listening to him, you feel wistful, and then you laugh, and you can’t stop pumping your foot to his rhythm. He’s heading to Europe this spring for his yearly tour, so we’ve snagged him to come play for us on his way. He’s all ours the afternoon of Sun Mar 10. Tix are $20 each, and you can pay by e-transfer directly to: (all proceeds go to the artist).


What’s a house concert?

It’s a concert in someone’s cozy intimate home, instead of a venue. This means hardwood floors instead of sticky booze on the floor. It means walking down the neighbourhood instead of downtown parking. It means a snug warm room with like-minded people and twinkly lights. You hang out with the artist before, after, and during intermission. This is our VERY first house concert that we’ve ever hosted ourselves, because it’s the first time we’ve had a house. Ha! We’re going to remove a lot of our living room and dining room furniture and then line up your chairs into tidy rows so that everyone can easily see Joel perform. This means that tickets are limited, so jump on them now! Please note that although we sell the tickets on Joel’s behalf, all the proceeds go to the artist. Every penny.



After you’ve bought your $20 ticket through for you and your buddies, and after you’ve marked it in your calendar, you start getting excited for what happens on the afternoon of Sun Mar 10th:

2:30-3:00 pm You leave your kids with a babysitter. Yes. Or you and your friends pitch in for a shared babysitter. Or your spouse stays home with kids :) But you bring a chair that isn’t too huge (i.e. not gigantic lawn chairs), BYOB, and maybe some nibbles to share during intermission. You arrive at 667 Chadburn Ave, hang up your coat (hopefully we’re not still wearing sorel boots in March), fix yourself a drink, give us a hug, and line up your chairs.

3:30 pm The performance starts. Joel’s voice is growly and raw and full of emotion. You smile sideways at the people sitting near you, and you remember again how much you adore concerts, and you get this knowing look in your eye. Then you settle in and get swept away by the magic. There’s an intermission between the magic.

5:30 pm The show is over. And you want to hug everyone, even strangers. You head home with a sparkly feeling in your chest, and you know that you’ll always remember this afternoon. Now you can either head home, or linger and laugh until 6:30 pm.


What do I bring?

  1. Any of your friends/neighbours.

  2. A chair that’s not too huge. Just a classic kitchen chair or folding chair that’s not too gigantic.

  3. BYOB

  4. Nibbles to share make intermission more fun!


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For each person in your group, you send $20 via e-transfer to and he will reply with a confirmation. When you send the e-transfer, there is an option to include a message. You can use that message area to list the full name of everyone is your group. Does that make sense?