Welcome, you belong here:


I want you to know that this is a totally welcoming, inclusive, and open-minded group of mamas, with total respect for however you feed, however fussy your baby might be, and however you created your family (adoption, surrogate, donor, IVF/IVI, or the old-fashioned way!). Someone in the class will be pregnant, where their baby is still tidy and quiet :) Someone will arrive with NO baby, because they’re just doing a make-up class, or they work from home. And several people will arrive with their unpredictable babies, and will take turns doing the following during the yoga class:

  • Feeding (bottle, boob, or formula—all feeding styles belong here!).

  • Diapering (a change pad, diaper genie, wipes, cream are all provided, in case you forgot yours).

  • Soothing & burping (every baby is different, so do whatever you need to do during yoga poses, get up and walk around, do your shushing & swaying, sit on our bouncy ball—whatever works, with no judgement. We’re all in this together).

  • Laying baby down (on a blanket, in a car seat, borrow our vibrating chair, or wear them in a carrier—whatever works).

What do I bring?

  • You don’t have to bring a baby, but most of you will.

  • If so, bring anything that makes your life easier. Don’t be shy!

  • Some days your baby is fussy, and you might need to rock, sway, wear baby for most of the class. Some days, you’re able to place baby down. In that case, you might bring your own little blanket or burping cloth to fold up and lay down at the head of your mat where they can rest & watch you move or try out tummy time.

  • You might bring a few baby toys (rattles, or stuffies, or teethers). I’ll put a big basket of toys for you to use, but you might prefer your own.

  • I’ll have diapering stuff in case you forget, but you might prefer bringing your own fave diaper creams, cloths, dipes.

  • You may need to bring your older child, too. You decide if that will work for you, and still allow you to relax and enjoy your practise. I’ll have a bin of toys, but you might also need to bring other items to keep them busy.

Complimentary Trial Class:

Hmmmm….are you new & hesitant? Come attend a trial class with me first, just to see how it feels in your body, before committing to the whole pre-registered session. I totally understand that you want to know whether our classes truly feel safe, supportive, accessible, and fun before pre-registering for 8 weeks!


About these classes:


I chose that photo to be really honest about what Mum’n’Baby Yoga actually looks like, ha!

For starters, you’ll notice that ALL of my regular classes are also designed to be safe for pre- and post-natal. So this class won’t look drastically different. In fact, anyone from our regular classes can join us for these Mum’n’Baby classes as a make-up class (come play hookey with us!), and anyone who needs a movement break in their day is free to register with us, too! You don’t actually have to be a parent at all :) Like all of my regular classes, I like to ensure the following:

  • That you feel deeply cared for. Give yourself loving tender attention to every corner of your sore, sleep-deprived body and mind. This is the one time slot that’s just for you and your mental well-being.

  • That you feel welcome and a sense of belonging. We are a warm, inclusive bunch of mamas, and we respect your own style of parenting.

  • That I guide you safely through pre- and post-natal yoga asana transitions in a way that protects and educates you on diastasis, pelvic floor health, loose ligaments, c-section healing, and aches & pains from hunching/feeding/carrying.

  • That the class is long enough for you to get some movement in, just in case you arrive late, or spend a lot of time soothing, feeding, burping.

  • That we incorporate babies into the class as way for you to connect with, really notice, and mindfully be present with your littlest one. This yoga is for you, mama, but we might sing a lullaby to settle them, or add in some baby massage, or give tickles each time we bow down, or sneak in some kisses when possible!

  • That, safely following pre- and post-natal yoga protocol, we move through specific feel-good movements that stretch out tight shoulders, hips, and back, flush your joints with circulation, increase your lung capacity, gently strengthen your muscles (with up-to-date pelvic floor health particularly in mind, of course), and close with a final luxurious savasana, involving pure essential oils and an indulgent head massage. Yes, it’s true.

  • That afterwards, we can chat, catch up, have some supportive laughs & tears, and nourish ourselves with tea and refreshments together.




I’m suggesting Wednesday late morning, 11:00 AM -12:30 PM because that will probably best fit in between the morning nap and the early afternoon nap. (My plan is that if there are enough of us, then we could run this 2 days a week—-such as wed & thurs am, for example), and make it deeply discounted in that event. So spread the word to your mama friends, and then let me know!)

These intentionally long 90-minute classes provide extra cushioning time, because chances are, you’re going to miss parts of the class! For example, it’s understandable to arrive a bit late some days as you’re juggling your baby’s needs, and most days you’ll spend parts of the class doing bouts of soothing, feeding, burping. So if we run the class for 90 minutes, surely you’ll fit in at least some movement in there :)

  • #1 Wed Oct 9 (Thanksgiving)

  • #2 Wed Oct 16

  • #3 Wed Oct 23

  • #4 Wed Oct 30

  • #5 Wed Nov 6

  • #6 Wed Nov 13

  • #7 Wed Nov 20

  • #8 Wed Nov 27

Investment in yourself:

Regular Rate: $145 total for 8 classes.


Buddy Discount $25 off: If you register with a friend who is new to me (who hasn’t registered with me before) and you register your friend at the same time that you register for yourself, then you have the option to only pay $240 for the 2 of you. That works out to each of you only paying $120 for 8 classes. That means you each save $25 off your registrations.

What if I miss classes?

This is normal and inevitable. Partial registrations aren't possible, but I really want to make these sessions accessible to busy people who travel a lot!  So there are 2 solutions:

1) You can use the other days as make-up classes. So if you register for Wednesday mornings, for example, and you have to miss a couple of classes, then you can attend the Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon classes as your make-up classes. You can keep track of these yourself. Just be sure to check the schedule first!

2) You can bring a friend/neighbour to join us and use up the classes that you will miss. For example, if you knew that you would definitely miss a class, then you can send a friend/neighbour/relative to class. And you can decide whether to gift that missed class to your friend, or whether to have your friend reimburse you for the class that they are taking. That way, your missed class gets enjoyed by someone. It has worked very well in the past. In fact, it's turned out to be rather special, because people end up bringing their sister who is visiting from out of town, or their mom who wants to try yoga, or their new friend who just moved to the city. And in this way, it actually brings the group even closer together as we all get to know each other's loved ones. It's kind of sweet.

Invite someone:

If you think you have a friend who might also like to register for this session, you can share this same URL with them:  zoestikeman.com/riverview
Or forward them my email with the link embedded. I would love to meet them.