Welcome, we’ve got your back:


This is a totally warm and inclusive group of mama allies, who will welcome you with open arms. Come on in. We’ve got your back.

Choose the time slot that best suits you (Thurs pm, or Sun afternoon, or Mum’n’Baby daytime), and use the other time slot(s) to make up for any missed classes! Either register solo (for the regular rate), or else register with a friend (for the Buddy Discount, which is $25 off!).

Some weeks you’ll bring a snack or beverage to share after class, and some weeks you won’t. It’s easy and relaxed. I usually provide some refreshment just in case, as an excuse to chit chat, catch up, and create some meaningful supportive community together.

We can’t wait to get to know you and welcome you into the mama fold. However tired, drained, stressed you feel, we’re going to support you.

Complimentary Trial Class:

Hmmmm….are you new & hesitant? Come attend a trial class with me first, just to see how it feels in your body, before committing to the whole pre-registered session. I totally understand that you want to know whether our classes truly feel safe, supportive, accessible, and fun before pre-registering for 8 weeks!


About these classes:


The best part about a pre-registered session is that we lay our mats down beside the same lovely humans each week, which means that we can really build on the content each class. We can sequentially expand our practise and grow our friendships.

Class components:

  • An educational element (either anatomical or philosophical).

  • A safe warm-up for your connective tissues (with modifications for pre- and post-natal).

  • A sequence of asanas (yoga postures) to strengthen and stretch your whole body—both inside and out. This is the largest component of each class.

  • Meditation & breathing technique.

  • Savasana (our final resting pose). This is when your body absorbs all the healing benefits of your practise and integrates what you've learned. You lie down on your mat for a few minutes with a blanket, close your eyes, and completely & utterly relax. I usually come around with some soothing essential oils and give each student a mini neck or head massage. It’s divine. Sometimes you’ll fall asleep :)

  • After class, we can chat, catch up, have some supportive laughs & tears, and nourish ourselves with tea/wine and refreshments together.

What if I miss classes?

This is normal and inevitable. Partial registrations aren't possible, but I really want to make these sessions accessible to busy people who travel a lot!  So there are 2 solutions:

1) You can use the other days as make-up classes. So if you register for Sunday afternoons, for example, and you have to miss a couple of classes, then you can attend the Thursday evening classes as your make-up classes (or play hookey and join us for Mum’n’Baby Yoga!). You can keep track of your make-up classes yourself. Just be sure to check the schedule first!

2) You can bring a friend/neighbour to join us and use up the classes that you will miss. For example, if you knew that you would definitely miss a class, then you can send a friend/neighbour/relative to class. And you can decide whether to gift that missed class to your friend, or whether to have your friend reimburse you for the class that they are taking. That way, your missed class gets enjoyed by someone. It has worked very well in the past. In fact, it's turned out to be rather special, because people end up bringing their sister who is visiting from out of town, or their mom who wants to try yoga, or their new friend who just moved to the city. And in this way, it actually brings the group even closer together as we all get to know each other's loved ones. It's kind of sweet.




Sunday Dates, 3-4:15 pm:

Having class on Sunday afternoons allows you to keep your weekend mornings flexible and free for your kids and their soccer/ballet/hockey, and gives you enough time to get back to Ottawa if you’re travelling. And, it will be a nice way for you to refresh your body and mental health before the new week begins.

  • (No Class Sun Oct 13 Thanksgiving)

  • #1 Sun Oct 20

  • #2 Sun Oct 27

  • #3 Sun Nov 3

  • #4 Sun Nov 10

  • #5 Sun Nov 17

  • #6 Sun Nov 24

  • #7 Sun Dec 1

  • #8 Sun Dec 8

Thursday Dates 8-9 PM (Now full!)

  • #1 Thurs Oct 10 (Thanksgiving)

  • #2 Thurs Oct 17

  • #3 Thurs Oct 24

  • (No Class Oct 31 Halloween)

  • #4 Thurs Nov 7

  • #5 Thurs Nov 14

  • #6 Thurs Nov 21

  • #7 Thurs Nov 28

  • #8 Thurs Dec 5


Regular Rate: $145 total for 8 classes.

Buddy Discount: If you bring a friend who is new to me (who hasn’t registered with me before) and you register your friend at the same time that you register for yourself, then you have the option to only pay $240 for the 2 of you. That works out to each of you only paying $120 for 8 classes. That means you each save $25 off your registrations. (Note: you and your buddy don’t have to sign up for the same class. For example, one of you could sign up for Sundays, and the other could sign up for Mum’n’Baby. As long as you register at the same time—-following the “Buddy Discount” link below—-then you qualify for the buddy discount. Enjoy!

Invite someone:

If you think you have a friend who might also like to register for this session, you can share this same URL with them:  zoestikeman.com/riverview
Or forward them my email with the link embedded. I would love to meet them.